Done with another week in Aggieland, and I loved it more than the first. Let me quickly fill you in on where I’ll be spending most of my time this semester. This week 149 other freshman and I have made the first cut of the application process for the Aggie Fish Club (a freshman leadership organization that’s main function is to serve the freshman class), We have interviews this week, and on Saturday they will pick 56 freshmen members to join 18 sophomore counselors (including Jessica Buschman and Rachel Elliston) and 4 directors. Aside from AFC, I am joining Sports for Kids. On Thursday nights I attend a freshman Bible Study where Allison Wade, Matt Ridley, and Laurel Worth’s brothers and sister all play in the worship band. 45,000 students never seemed so small. All updates aside, I bring you the third installment of my pieces…

Earlier this week I had a chance to catch up three of you on the phone within 24 hour of each other. Ryan, I’m just glad my roommate and I were still up at 1:15am this Thursday. I apologize to those of you who have called and been interrupted by the train. It’s not called College Station because the name is catchy. Speaking of College Station, the more people I come across the more I realize something. There are no replacements for anyone one of you guys. I will not find another [insert your name here]. Just when I think I’ve met someone who resembles one of ya’ll, I find some subtle but very distinct difference. I’m willing to bet your experiences either in college or elsewhere is the same. I know that’s pretty common knowledge, but it’s easy to lose focus on this. Of all the years spent and people met from elementary school to high school, I found about 12 great friends. It took a long, long time of shifting through different circles before I found them, but it was worth it in the end. So be patient if you haven’t found friendships that resemble, not replace, those you had in high school. If you have found great friends, don’t close yourself off from other people you meet. Even if you don’t need their friendship, they may desperately need yours. I can’t wait to see you guys during the breaks. The absence only strengthens my love for ya’ll.