Well, I’m glad to know that some of you guys actually read the first Reese’s Pieces. By the way, I don’t like that name, but it’s one of those things I can’t go back and undo. Yes, I know the e-mail is a day late. I had some computer problems. I also had an e-mail ready to send out, and then at the last minute I decided to change it. It related so well with last week’s that I felt it was worth it…

This past week one of my new friends, Will, decided he wanted to join the Corps of Cadets. Keep in mind every freshman in the Corps went through F.O.W. the week before school started. He filled out all the paperwork, and later that night two junior Cadets came by to pick him up. When he arrived to the Quad, he wasn’t warmly welcomed, and before the noon the next day he wanted out. Still lacking six of the seven signatures required to leave, he changed his mind. He couldn’t imagine going back to life as a Non-Reg. So what happened within those 24 hours?

Will dared to live out his dream. His father was a member of the Core and ever since Will’s eyes first saw a senior Cadet walking around campus in his boots, he wanted to be in Core. You could see it in his eyes. He didn’t let the initial shock stop him from ending his dream. Anyone who is looking up words in the dictionary below has no idea what the freshman are put through. They don’t even have a first name. I would be Fish Hopkins. I saw Will the other day in his khaki uniform and black shoes. I also saw his big grin. He was truly happy and to think he almost gave it all up. His toughest days are still to come, but because he has the heart and desire he will succeed beyond my imagination. Though Will may be called Fish this whole year, he is much closer to finding his real name then those who float through life. Until next week (barring any computer troubles) – Reese

Aggie Dictionary:
FOW – Freshman Orientation Week or Hell Week to many of the freshman Cadets
Quad – the area where the Corps of Cadets live
Non-Reg – anyone not in the Corps
Senior boots – speical brown boots that only seniors in the Core wear.
Core – same thing as the Corps of Cadets