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Howdy, this is the first e-mail of what will be a weekly update/venture into my head. If you don’t like it, tell me and I’ll take you off. If you do then do then send it to your friends and let me know if they wanna be added.

Today is the conclusion of the best summer I have ever had (Yes, Texas A&M begins on Labor Day). Looking back I had so many amazing memories, but one sticks out better than any other. On a warm summer evening in late May, the baseball team Ryan Baxter and I coached taught me one of life’s great lessons. To give you some history on our team, we won our first game a week before thew week before after losing ten straight games to open the season. We had a week off for Easter, and when we came back I was stunned to see our guys playing so well. We took a 7 run lead before it crumbled leaving us down by a run going into the last half inning. With bases loaded and only one out, our MVP, CJ, step up to the plate with the game on the line. The whole crowd was silent and I could see CJ quivering ever so slightly as dug his back foot in the dirt. Less than fifteen seconds later it was over. CJ’s double scored two runs and we won our second game and last game that season.

Now to anyone not closely connected with our team that is just a good story, but that game and really our whole season has meant a lot to me. Our team did not win that day because we had superior talent. We won because we had a burning desire to play baseball, something I had slowly lost over the years. I remembered why I used to memorize McGwire’s and Bonds’ stats in the newspaper when I was growing up in the Bay Area. Not only did the season rekindle my love for baseball, but also sparked something deep inside of me that I had not felt in a long time. Seeing those kids play their hearts out made me come alive. I was truly living. Life is meant to be lived with desire and passion. This summer has been so incredible because I have listened to the desires of my heart instead of floating around looking for a good time. I saw that if my life continued down a road of duty and obligation and rules, I would eventually go completely numb to beauty of life. Please, I urge you, find what it is that completely satisfies the desire of your heart filling you with joy. Live passionately! I want to leave you with quote.

“Paradoxically, we attain self-awareness, not by self-analysis, but by the leap of commitment. According to Victor Frankl, a person finds identity only to the extent that “he commits himself to something beyond himself, to a cause greater than himself.” The meaning of our lives emerges in the surrender of ourselves to an adventure of becoming who we are not yet.” -Brennan Manning

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